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Water Deionization Crystal 7 Pure

  • Water Deionizator Crystal 7 Pure;
  • Automatic operation;
  • LCD backlit display;
  • 3-way primary water filtration;
  • Filtering through an osmotic filter;
  • The final water purification with cation resin aid;
  • Diaphragm pump, generates the required operating pressure for the device, and automatically turns off, when there are water-supply problems;
  • Filter life timer;
  • Water temperature display;
  • 50 liter HDPE capacity for deionized water with a special pump for water inlet and a second inlet for analyzers, sterilizers etc.;
  • The quality of water produced is from 0.05 µS/cm;
  • Table of errors with explanations;
  • Free delivery;
  • Free water equipment installation, staff training;
  • Filter kit for a year;
  • 24 month equipment warranty;

Water equipment comprises of a frame. It has - coarse filters (1 micron mechanical transmission filter and activated carbon filter). The set includes a diaphragm pump, which provides optimum water pressure in the system. The system is fully automatic - with the help of the water level regulator in the tank it controls the water fill, blocks/unlocks primary water supply to the equipment if there are water level changes in the water collecting tank. All water equipment is covered by the warranty period - 24 months. Equipment manufactured in the European Union, has ISO, CE certificates.

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